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Never worry about security of your important documents and online identity. Planned Departure is a safe and secure online vault. Your data will be accessible to you during your life and to your designated beneficiaries if you are not around.


We believe in giving control where it belongs - to you. You should be able to decide how your digital legacy is managed, it shouldn't be left to organisations or government.


There are billions of pounds of unclaimed assets in every country. Many insurance policies remain unclaimed and money stays in bank accounts unclaimed. You do not want to work hard and leave your money and other assets unclaimed in various accounts - do you?


In the online world - reputation is everything. Our behaviour has changed and first thing we do if we want to find someone is go to Internet. Accounts of deceased users are the low hanging fruit for identity thieves.

How Plannned Departure Works

  • Store - what matters to you
    Store - what matters to you

    Store your important financial and legal documents, information about your online accounts, digital assets and social media will in our safe-n-secure electronic vault.

  • Verifiers - who can inform us about you
    Store - what matters to you

    Give us contact details of people you trust and who can provide legal proof of your condition - if needed. We will not release your digital assets if we are uncertain.

  • Add beneficiaries and distribute assets
    Store - what matters to you

    Specify who should get what from your digital estate and what they should do with your account. There is no limit on how many people can be your beneficiaries.

  • Keep it up-to-date - we will do the rest
    Store - what matters to you

    Please keep this information up-to-date. Our system monitors your well being and releases your digital estate to the right beneficiaries with your final wishes - at the right time.


  • Bank level security with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Best in class Secure Socket Layer certificate from Norton
  • Google's infrastructure for reliable and secure hosting
  • Data stored in encrypted format in the database

Let's work together


Digital life and nuclear families make our financial, professional and social information inaccessible to our loved ones after we pass away. Financial loss of unclaimed asset is obvious, but emotional loss due to missing information could be greater.

Planned Departure helps you transfer digital assets to people you love after you pass away.


If you are a probate lawyer, will writer or provide elder care services - we can work together. Please get in touch.


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Monitoring via email account available available available
Transfer Accounts available available available
Setup Obituaries available available available
Intelligent Monitoring available available available
Delete Accounts available available available
Postal Delivery available available available

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