Instagram Is Setting New Recovery System for Hacked Accounts

The company is finally putting in place a new automated method for account recovery that asks users to supply their emails or phone numbers associated to the account.

Instagram Security system

Instagram is making it easier for you to recover your account even after hacker attacks.
Over the past week, Instagram started tests on a feature that has been demanded by users on the social network for a very long time. They are finally putting in place an automated method for account recovery that asks the user for an email address or the phone number associated to the account. The system will send a six-digit code to the contact information chosen by the user to regain access.

As incredible as it might sound, Instagram is well known for having one of the most complexes and slow process to recover an Continue reading “Instagram Is Setting New Recovery System for Hacked Accounts”

The Most Used Tricks Hackers Use to Break into Instagram Accounts are Revealed to Public

Instagram Hacking TricksInstagram is one of the greatest platforms that have been created for the web. The openness it offers to users when it comes to sharing their lives on the Internet is only rivaled by the efforts made by the company to keep the privacy of the users’ safe by every means necessary.

Instagram was on the rise when Facebook acquired it, the company paid a billion dollars for the platform in cash back in 2012. They made it into what it is today: one of the most functional, user-friendly apps to share pictures, videos, live streams, and many other forms of interaction with just a couple of clicks.

To this day, Instagram reigns supreme over many platforms, either by adapting or adding new features that make it more enjoyable to the millions of users that engage on it every single day. That doesn’t mean that life in Instagram is easy, either for their caretakers or the users.

The Ongoing Concerns about Security

Every platform is far from being perfectly conceived, and Instagram is no exception to that rule. The team behind IG manages to update every few months the issues that could make things difficult in the platform. Security is one of the most significant concerns for the team behind Instagram.

Today we reveal the most used methods and tricks by hackers who confessed how they managed to hack thousands of Instagram accounts.
The methods were originally gathered by Crazy Greek’s journalist who managed to get them directly by interviewing with few hackers who got caught.

Most of the problems come down to getting password access to the platform. A lot of users tend to keep their accounts logged in at all times when they have hefty software to lock down their screens. But many people prefer to enter the Continue reading “The Most Used Tricks Hackers Use to Break into Instagram Accounts are Revealed to Public”

Someone Stole $41 Million of Bitcoin from Binance – World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin HackerBinance has earned a reputation as one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the man has just confirmed that a group of hackers has stolen 7,000 bitcoins from a wallet that contained at least 2% of the total holdings of the exchanges. The good news for investors of the exchange is that the Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) will cover the losses in full. According to Zhao, the vicious attack was truly sophisticated in approach because the attackers used a lot of techniques to get access to the platform. No other wallets were affected in the incident.

The large scale security breach was discovered on May 7 of 2019 at 17:15:24-UTC. The team of hackers was able to obtain an abnormal number of API keys, 2FA codes, and a lot of Continue reading “Someone Stole $41 Million of Bitcoin from Binance – World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange”

Instagram Updates You Need to Know

Instagram Updates2019 has finally arrived, and your social network platforms have updated their services once again to offer new features to enhance the experience. Instagram is the one that managed to stand out just before 2018 closed down. The move so far seemed to pay off for them as many community managers, marketing services, and big brands scored big sales using these new settings to stand out in the now-closed holiday season.

Let’s take a look at the new things you can find on Instagram right now

Alternative Text Descriptions

This particular feature was already a very successful tool used by bloggers, web designers and Continue reading “Instagram Updates You Need to Know”

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and while people would like to have you believe that it’s impossible to hack or exploit, any programmer or social engineer can tell you that this is false; there is no such thing as an unbreakable code, and there’s no such thing as Continue reading “How to Hack Facebook Account – Multiple Methods of 2024”

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