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What are digital assets?

Your digital assets are precious

  • Life is uncertain Life is uncertain
  • Life is uncertain Accounts can be lost locked or abused
  • Life is uncertain You decide who gets what


In the UK alone, the value of individuals' digital assets has been estimated at £25 billion! A third of consumers claimed they would not be able to replace these digitally-stored assets if they were lost or compromised, and 25% said that nobody would be able to access their digital content after their deaths. [source: PwC, 2014]

Why do i need to plan?

expertOrganise your investments, accounts, properties and other affairs in one place and ensure that information is never lost.
expert Your memories, pictures and videos are precious. Your digital assets such as Facebook or Email accounts are priceless.
expertStore your important documents such as passports, visas and travel insurance in our electronic vault. Never miss a thing again.
expertYour digital legacy is important. Don't let it get lost, locked in the cyber-world or stolen. Leave it to people you trust and know will cherish your memories.


"In an increasingly digital world, it is important to consider how your virtual legacy will be administered.

Just as traditional estate planning vehicles control asset distribution, Planned Departure helps manage the process of passing your digital assets in accordance with your wishes."
Travis Travis Ledwith
Founder of FLIP Bank

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