About Us

Planned departure is a brand new offering in the tech front for the user who feels exhaustion before the ongoing attempts to market products in the form of “objective” reviews in the tech world. Our main goal is to bring something new to the field of tech journalism by offering unbiased reviews about upcoming technological developments, as well as hacks that actually work. There is no hidden agenda or marketing ploy behind our stances since we feel that seems to be the natural course of action for every high profile tech-related news site in the world.

At Planned departure our expertise includes the analysis of new developments in the web, especially everything related to the ongoing expansion of social networks that seem to gain more prominence each day, and seem to have a lot more of presence in our lives. We also strive to offer the latest news on technological developments being created to make your life easier. Since we know that our average reader remains skeptical to the say-so of big companies or high profile news site, we dig even further on the things you really need to know about recent upgrades on renowned apps. We also review contenders to existing utilities that can do a better job.

Finally, we can state that at Planned departure we believe in the ability of the tech world to keep disrupting itself, that’s why big name companies get the same time of the day as the small ones. Is the way we have to notice when something is good, and when something has the potential to replace an existing product. Is the way things work in our field, and we have made our life mission to bring awareness about these occurrences, so you can keep track of what is happening to improve your life using technology.