Legacy Calculator

Calculate your digital legacy

Answer these questions to see how important a digital legacy is for you:


Do you use email to communicate with your friends and family?

Do you use social networks such as Facebook to maintain social connections?

Do you use online storage solutions such as Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive and others to store personal files, documents etc.?

Do you have a personal blog, such as Blogger or Tumblr, or a FourSquare or Twitter account which you use frequently?

Do you use any other online services for charity/fundraising such as Justgiving, Kiva, Kickstarter, Seedrs etc.?


Do you use professional networking sites such as LinkedIn?

Do you have a professional blog or contribute to other professional blogs and online or physical journals etc?

Do you use any SaaS based solutions for project management, customer management or inventories?

Do you have, and use, a Facebook or Twitter account or a regularly maintained website for professional purposes?

Where do you maintain your professional contacts' email addresses, telephone numbers and physical addresses?


Do you use online banking?

Do you play games online, trade or bet online?

Do you use any online wallets which holds information about money / credit cards for you - such as PayPal?

Do you own any virtual goods such as iTunes accounts, Google Play, domain names (both active and inactive) etc that have real financial value?

Do you use any subscription-based services that charges you on monthly or yearly basis?


Do you keep anything online or in digital format that is really close to your heart (pictures, books, music etc)

Have you recorded / uploaded videos of friends or family on YouTube?

Do you read books online or in electronic format on mobile devices?

Do you think information "hidden" in your various online accounts might have sentimental value for someone - if you are no longer alive?

Do you think you should be in control of digital assets you are creating?

Legacy Calculator
Visualise your digital footprint, see how big or small your digital footprint is. Think about your digital profile and your presence in the cyber world. Identify which aspects of your digital life are more important for you Get your overall digital legacy score and see how it compares with the score of other people.